What is M (masochism)? Masochists in India. What is SM play. Masochist is slave in play.

What is M (masochism)?

What is M (masochism)?

Sexual Masochism is a pleasurable feeling of sexual excitement by dominated by someone else, receiving the pain, humiliation. The one who receiving the pain is known as The Masochist. The pain and humiliation is not imagination, it is real. It can be physical or emotional. In a BDSM play orSM play, A masochist can be one or more than one who experience the physical or emotional pain.

The term Masochist is derived from the Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. He is an Austrian writer. He wrote romantic stories of Galician life. A masochist is opposite partner of the sadist who has equal role in SM play. Mutual concern of The Masochist and The Sadist achieve a successful BDSM in sex and Indian BDSM lifestyle with BDSM toys. Sexual Masochism is not abuse act, it can be done by mutual understand just for sexual gratification. Masochist might enjoy sexual excitement and arousal by sensation done by spanking, whipped, choked, or by wearing nipple clamps and different types of BDSM toys.

Maso's character and idiosyncrasy.

Maso's character and idiosyncrasy

Masochist is the one who bear the inflicting pain by the dominant, Sadist. Masochist experience physical and emotional pain. Sado masochist physical restraining by sadist through the bondage devices, handcuffs, xxx BDSM toys, BDSM strap on, chains, rope, tapes, etc. Sexual Masochism that initiate the fantasies by punished or receiving the pain by padding, floggers, spanking, whippings, burning, cutting, rape, etc. The sexual masochism include inflicting of pain himself or herself too.

One of survey say done on masochism partner, report that 62 % of masochist they feel mild or not that intense pain, 26 % said pain is somewhat intense and only 12 % masochist said it is extremely intense. According to physical and psychological, 64 % say it was physical in nature, 33 % it is physical and psychological and 3 % say it is psychological in nature.

Different masochist has different level of acceptance or sometime while Masochist enjoying the pleasure with humiliation, sometime it go to extreme level in the flow. For this reason, Masochist has to create a safe word to let Sadist know that it is too extreme, please stop or level down.

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