What is S (sadism)? Sadism in India. What is SM play. Sadism is master in BDSM play.

What is S (sadism)?

What is S (sadism)?

SM or Sexual Sadism is sexual excitement feeling by dominant or explore their fantasy on the other person. The one who act or perform sadism is known as The Sadist. The Sadist inflicting the pain, humiliation, degradation on The Masochist or watching other inflicting behavior on Masochist. This pan, suffering, humiliation is not just imagination, it is real on other. Sexual Sadism can be physical or Emotional.

The term Sadism is driven by the Marquis de Sade. He is famous French writer who perform sadism or use BDSM in sex on some prostitutes. Sexual Sadism acts is not only pleasurable or exciting for Sadist but Masochist too. Sadist reflect their desire and sexual imagination on another person by physical or emotional domination. Sadism include vulgar behavior, restraining the partner, padding, spanking, beating, biting, urinating, whipping on other by the use of various SM toys or BDSM toys.

Sado's character and idiosyncrasy.

Sado's character and idiosyncrasy

Sadism is one who inflict the physical and emotional pain on other for sexual gratification. Sadist has negative role in the SM play. He/ She enjoy spanking their partner, perform whipping, floggers on partner's butt and back, force their partner to wear humiliating costumes, etc.

One of survey say done on sadism partner, report that 65 % of sadist they feel mild or not that intense pain, 27 % said pain is somewhat intense and only 8 % sadist said it is extremely intense. According to physical and psychological,66 % say it was physical in nature, 32 % it is physical and psychological and 2 % say it is psychological in nature. Sexual Sadism is not same like normal sexual arousal, behavior or acts. Some acts as mild aggression with normal range of behavior. Some get wilder and may hurt the partner.

If any person is aroused only by sadism act or behaviors, or he/ she disturbed by sadistic thought, they may suffer from sexual sadism disorder. Sometimes, it may act as rape, torture, murder for sexual excitement. Sadist can be act by male or female with the help of BDSM toys. If one is act as Sadist, next time should act as Masochist. There are also different types of BDSM toys or Indian BDSM toys in market like xxx BDSM toys, BDSM strap on toys etc.

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